Family Biodanza

Family Biodanza is coming soon to a hall near you.

Classes begin in March 2o18



Rupert Meese and Anna Sadlerwill play, dance and move with everyone is a way that invites creativity, vitality and abundant joy to an ordinary Sunday afternoon.

The sessions will strengthen the bonds between children, parents and grandparents by learning from each other through movement and play.

Moving and playing together creates an opportunity for parents and children to observe and learn from each other thereby bridging the gap between the huge age differences. The parents get to learn about the ways their child learns and the children get to experience their parents as learners too!

Family Biodanza is all about making physical and emotional connections as it is always more fun to do yoga TOGETHER!

In the safe and relaxed setting of the family yBiodanza class – fun and loving connections and gestures are exchanged, providing a wonderful place to spend healthy, happy and quality time together.