Calm Kids

Calm Kids offers yoga classes to children between 1 and 12 years of age.

From toddlers to preschool, afterschool yoga, to families and tweens, the bespoke yoga classes adapt to the individual needs and abilities of the children and provides a safe, positive and nurturing environment for self-expression, creativity and awareness.

The yoga classes offer a balance between spontaneity and structure so that children learn to listen to themselves and each other as well as expressing themselves creatively.

Interweaving story, song, games, poses, art, music and dance, children have a lot of FUN and learn in a multi-sensory environment.

In kids/family yoga we not only learn about ourselves and each other but also about the world around us. In a yoga class, children may go on a magical journey around the world to learn about other cultures, countries and traditions. Many of the yoga poses are of animal and therefore children learn about animal habitats and endangered species.

Children are encouraged to experiment with their bodies and can create their own yoga poses! They say there are 84,000 yoga poses so chances are it may have already been invented! There is only one rule: It must feel good!