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Yoga, Meditation and Art Workshop Day

With Anna Sadler and Lizzy Bridges

Sunday 28th October 2018


St. Gluvias Community Hall, Penryn






Lizzy Bridges and Anna Sadler offer a full day of yoga, meditation and art as a way to reconnect with our potential to create, to play and to make.

The creative aspect in each of us arises naturally in states of stillness and presence. You are invited to join this journey towards creative play and freedom of expression – the place of the beginner’s mind where the childlike nature of making things without judgment is welcomed and celebrated.

The day will be be about the process and not the outcome. Together we will learn to let go of how we think things should look and be – turning our attention to how things feel and can be expressed.

You will receive a very warm welcome with tea and homemade snacks to nourish you throughout the day. Soup will be served for lunch and art materials will be provided. Our intention is for you to leave feeling happy that you came, satisfied with how you feel and ready to create your days with a freedom and joy that will make your heart sing.


Full day, includes lunch, resources and tea.

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Summer Solstice; Dance & Sing

With Rupert Meese & Anna Sadler & friends

Join Rupert Meese, Anna Sadler & friends as we celebrate the light of consciousness within each and every one of us.

This day will be made up of:
Biodanza & Family Biodanza, Kirtan, Ancient Solstice Ritual, Music, Fire spinning, Fireside Storytelling and Food –

The first part of the day (morning) will be for adults to attend and the second part of the day we will invite our families to join us.

Day Schedule:

9:00-9:30am Tea and welcome
9:30-10:30am litha alter, ceremony, prayer and meditation
10:30-12:30pm Biodanza
12:30-1:30pm Lunch will be provided

1:30-3:30pm Kirtan (devotional singing) with Elise Yuill Cohen
3:30-4:15pm Tea and cake
4:30-6:00pm Family Biodanza and fire ceremony
6:00-7:30pm shared food and fireside storytelling
7:30-8:00pm closing of the day

In the morning, we will use the joy of ceremony, prayer and meditation to co-create a ‘litha alter’. We will prime the space with love and prayer, abundant joy of moving and being together.
We will then dance and connect in sacred, joyful movement through Biodanza – exploring the deep expression of individuality and the connectivity of love within us all.

Lunch will be light and nourishing

We will then welcome the rest of our family – young and old to the space as we sing the sacred sound of Kirtan will fill our souls with abundant energy and flow and will nourish our hearts, minds through the oneness of voice.

After tea and cake, we will play together in Family Biodanza – using the creative space of the heart to adventure in to all the possibilities of play and connection, sensitivity and love within each of us.
This will lead us to a gentle, creative ceremony of lighting the fire with magical Curly fire spinning and fireside storytelling to bring us in to the light – and to prepare us all for feasting and merry-making together.

There will be time for shared food before closing our day together with gratitude.


Ticket Prices
Adult Full Day: £50
Bring your Family (One person for morning, one additional family member and up to four children for the afternoon): £85
Family Afternoon (Two adults and up to four children): £65
Adult Morning Only: £30
Adult Afternoon: £30
Child Afternoon: £10

Morning: 9.00am – 13:30pm
Afternoon: 1.30pm – 8.00pm

We so hope you can join us. This will be a beautiful and bountiful day of deep connection with the light of the sun and the light within.

For more information, please visit the Facebook Event page.




The Art Of Dreaming – Clean Language

with Rupert Meese and Anna Sadler

We would like to welcome you to a day workshop of Clean Language and Visual Art.

Rupert Meese and Anna Sadler – offer a unique approach to manifesting your dreams…. the kind of dreams that lift your heart and light up your soul.

This is a workshop where you will learn the art of understanding your inner, symbolic world through words, language, visual art and communication.

You will learn a powerful tool called Clean Language Symbolic Modelling and you will be shown ways to express what you find through expressive and creative art techniques.
The combination of these things will help to cultivate a healthy, happy and progressive mind for the manifestation of your dreams into reality.

During the first part of the day, you will learn the art of discovering and developing symbols and metaphors as a way to providing an in-depth understanding of your inner, symbolic world.
These will be brought in to knowing by asking questions in the right context, directing attention on your own words and through the observation of non-verbal communication and vocal intonations.
During the second part of the day, you will further develop these symbols and metaphors by using expressive art materials and practices in a guided approach by Anna. This may include printing, painting, collage, drawing, photography or video.

You will leave the workshop with a deeper sense of who you are, what your dreams mean to you, and having acquired and experienced a new tool for some of the most important conversations in your life.

Rupert Meese is a practitioner of Clean Language with 20 years of therapeutic practice in Symbolic Modelling and NLP. http://www.zenlistening.com/
Anna Sadler is a visual artist and meditation teacher with productive and acclaimed arts practice:

Anna and Rupert can also be found running holistic and spiritual events, teaching Biodanza, meditation, yoga to kids and families and dancing all around Cornwall.

Event price: £45.
Please bring a shared lunch and any art materials that you would like to include in your day.

For further information, please e mail:


Click here for tickets: https://bookwhen.com/calmcornwall

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/existentialbliss/

Roselidden Barn – Whats on: http://www.roselidden.co.uk/events-at-roselidden/occasional-classes/




8 Week Awareness Meditation Course

Tuesday Evenings
Beginning Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Stuart Stephen Memorial Hall, 95 West Street, Penryn, Tr108EX
£48 for 8 sessions (concessions available)
Email: annasadler23@yahoo.com
Click here for place: https://bookwhen.com/calmcornwall


To book your place – please click on the link below:




Rupert and Anna’s Conscious New Year Festival
It will soon be a full year since the wonderful – toe wigglingly delightful New Year’s Eve party at Roselidden Barn and once again we invite you to put on your crystal slippers, follow the sound of the pipe and dance into Narnia (to mix a fairytale or two).

Rupert and Anna’s New Year’s Eve is a conscious festival of love, light, affection, play and celebration. So many people have said that they love the unintoxicated clear sighted happy healing high energy vibe that the New Year Festival brings and this year’s new year’s eve will be entirely alcohol free.
Raw chocolate, guarana balls and smoothies – now that is another matter!!

New Year 2017 is full to bursting with 3 days of workshops, dancing, relaxing and playing to enjoy together away from it all at Roselidden in Cornwall.
Who knows – this year we may even make it past that very full and satisfying New Year’s day breakfast to brave the (purely optional) New Year’s day swim.

Here is a taste of what’s on offer:

Saturday 30th
12:00 Arrival/Welcome circle/Introductions
13:00 Biodanza: Celebrating the heart and the Tribe
15:00 Tea and Story Telling: Celtic stories, traditions & more
16:00 Voice, song, sound and drum
18:00 Pranayama and meditation: Deep into surrender
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Gong and Sacred Sound Bath
22:00 Eveningtide Cocoa, tea and sharing

Sunday 31st New Year’s Eve
06:00 Meditation, yoga and pranayama
08:00 Chakra Toning: Clarity from Root to Crown
08:30 Breakfast:
09:30 Morning Welcome – gathering, check-in
10:00 Biodanza: Purity and Integrity
12:00 Shared Lunch, Open Fire, And Wild Herb Forage
14:00 The Shamanic Journey of the Didgeridoo
16:00 Painting the Body – Art workshop
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Open Mic Night: Bring your Talent, Bring your Enthusiasm.
With tea, raw chocolate, juice and energy balls
22:00 Biodanza: The Ritual of Renewal
24:00 Happy New Year! Fire Spinning and welcoming in the New Year                                                               01:30 Rest

Monday 1st New Year’s Day
08:00 Breath and movement session
09:00 Breakfast of Champions/ inspiring video footage
11:00 Clean Language: Growing your Resources
13:00 Shared Lunch
14:00 New Years Resolution ritual
15:00 Improvisation: Vitality for 2018
16:00 Closing Circle

Vegetarian Breakfasts and Vegan evening meals are included – please bring food to share for Saturday and Sunday lunches including any snacks.

We will do what we can to support special dietary requirements but please be prepared to bring your own special stuff from bio-energised quinoa to shitake mushrooms if needed.

As last year, accommodation will be ‘indoor camping’ in a shared space (with lovely shower’s, loos, kitchen etc.).

Prices can be found on the link above….

To find out more please e mail: